Where to find offers as a freelancer?

freelancersOk so today we will cover another important subject which you will be your number one issue each day. As a freelancer you need to find work by yourself. Very rarely someone will reach out to you and ask you to do a project for him. Companies would rather outsource this things to another companies. That’s what we will do today, we will present you with the comprehensive list of all the sources where you can find your future tasks.

First of all, we will only mention sources that are available in english, however, you are welcome to add your own links in the comments. We would like to create the best and the biggest list of sites for freelancers.


List of sites with offers

for Freelancers

  1. UpWork.com
    Upwork is a site which will allow you to browse through thousands of different offers. You can find various jobs from translation to SEO, no matter what you do, we are sure you will find something for yourself there.
  2. FreeLancer.com
    Freelancer site works similiar, you have over 900 categories of jobs. It can be anything – content creation online or even local jobs like help with delivery or paiting the room.
  3. UseMe.eu
    UseMe is a site where you can find various jobs, it will allow you to see the budget the company is willing to pay to you. You can even invoice your own customer if you don’t have own company yet. Comes in pretty handy, as companies very often need invoice for the project.
  4. PeoplePerHour.com
    You can register on PeoplePerHour and start brining your own customers in. No matter what you do – there is for sure category that you will fit in.
  5. Fiverr.com
    Fiverr is super popular and well known for cheap services. Especially when it comes to web designs, content creation or video editing. If you have one skill which you can use, then simply register, name your price and wait for your next customers. Unlike the other sites in here you will find mostly private projects for small sites and blogs. Remember that you can also offer extra services for additional fees.


Few important things you need to keep in mind. You will be facing a lot of other freelancers, and usually the lowest price wins. But keep your head up – if your services are top quality, companies will be willing to pay more for it anyway.


It’s good to do few of the projects cheaper just to get great first reviews. People who would like to hire you will for sure look at them beforehand. Make sure that you only get good reviews and if there’s any problem with project solve it as quickly as possible. Last thing you want to have is a bad review, which will put you on the bottom of the list.


Price is also important, make sure your price is accuarate, don’t put it too low and don’t put it too high. Best idea would be to view through some offers to see the average price for similiar task. Even if you will do some project with lower price you might build a long term relationship with company that will hire you again in the future. Then things gets so much easier.


As always we wish you good luck and remember to share your sources in the comments below.

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