How to start your adventure as a freelancer

Starting as a Freelancer

If you are completely new – here is something for you. A step by step guide on how to become a freelancer. We will guide you through the process and you will start your journey smoothly.

Many people dream of working from their homes. Which is quite obvious, as you don’t have to wake up every morning to get stuck in the traffic on the way to the office and then count the minutes until 9 hour work time will finish.

A freelance is a great option for people who don’t like to waste their time. You can spend your time only on important things and actual work. No need to sit unproductively at the desk when there’s nothing to do. You are working only when you have a job to do.

We can speak from our experience, that it really saves a lot of time plus it gives a lot of satisfaction. We have heard many times from our friends, how unhappy they are when they have to spend 9 hours at work even when there is nothing to do.

Freelance can put an end to it. From now on you will work only when you have an assignment, no more and no less than that.

Step by step

How to start being a freelance

  1. You need to find something that you like to do or that you are good at. It can be writing, photography or web development. You will know the best what you are good at.
  2. You need to find people who are interested in your services. For a start, we would recommend sites like and to find your first assignments.
  3. Do your research and keep track to know how much you can earn and how many assignments you can get daily. Try to explore new things as it will allow you take on new jobs.
  4. Check your income – if you are ready you can decide to quit your day job and start your own business. Of course, that’s a tip for those of you who treat freelance as an extra thing.
  5. Start a company – this can be the easiest and the hardest thing. Leaving behind steady income from the daily job can be scary at first. Nothing to worry about if you are prepared. You can start a company in one day, so don’t rush into it, do it only when you are 100% sure that you can handle all the expenses only with freelance payments.

If you have any extra questions or you need advice on how to proceed, let us know in comments or contact us via email.

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